1. Choose My Essential Oil Blend 5 Items

First, decide how you want to feel today! Select one of our Moodology 100% pure essential oil blends based on your need to feel calmer, happier, more energetic, more relaxed or healthier.


2. Choose My Living Locket 12 Items

Next, choose your Sentiments Living Locket. Create a pendant of well-being worn around your neck or choose to enjoy the scent of Moodology 100% pure essential oil blends on your wrist.


3. Choose My Mood Disc 6 Items

Lastly, choose a Mood Disc to place inside your Sentiments Living Locket®. Think of this Mood Disc as a decorative and functional “Charm” you add your essential oil blend to and use exclusively with your Sentiments Living Locket.


Sentiments + Moodology Gift Sets 28 Items

Give the gift of happiness (and a mind-mood boost) with these Sentiments + Moodology™ gift sets featured in a necklace or bracelet option—perfect for introducing someone new to Moodology!